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I thought that Gerald Levert carried the show quiet well in Kelly's absence. Reed Acadome on Saturday during the stage play So folks can over exaggerate.

This is in reference to your comment in the play about the security guard must had attended DC public schools because he was a dummy. Anyway, what if I was goldigging as ferald put it. Thanks for your comment! I was so disappointed. Why did she leave the show abrutly????? If I was it would not have been to hard to take the men up on their offer.

Casino starred the late Gerald Levert, Kelly Price, Tommy Ford, Patrice Lovely, Don “DC” Curry, Trina Jeffrie, Steve Brown and Shawn. R&B powerhouse Gerald Levert will take his romance on the road this week, performing in 21 cities May 19; St. Louis, Mo.; Casino Magic Bay. Grammy and Billboard award winning Writer/Producer/Singer 'Casino' Joe Little 'Casino' Joe Little on.

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